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Taxidia, automatically better for business

Taxidia is the first outbound cash order automation solution that allows for the processing of both loose and strapped banknotes in a single process, both multi- & single currency. Taxidia "Greek for Travel" is unique to the global cash processing market.

Please view our video to learn more about this unique product that will be a game changer in the cash processing industry.

Automatically Better For You


Travelex along with its key partner Global Cash Solutions (GCS) have invested their resources, technology and capital to create a unique and innovative solution.


With its modular design, Taxidia can adapt to simple and more complex configurations using single or multi-currency banknotes, either loose or strapped. Click here for examples.


Taxidia significantly reduces error rates operating to Six Sigma standards.


With manual intervention reduced to a minimum and stringent quality, integrity and audit checks, the opportunity for shrinkage is greatly reduced.


With much reduced manual handling, staff costs are significantly reduced and can be expected to be from 50-80%.


Travelex, together with GCS has established the genesis of a new generation of cash centre automation.

Finalist in the 2015 BAI Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards!

We are very happy to be a Finalist in the 2015 BAI Infosys Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards for Taxidia. The winners will be announced during the BAI Retail Delivery show in Las Vegas on the 13th October 2015.

Top 3 in the IACA’s Excellence in Currency Award

The Taxidia cash order pick & pack solution finished in the top 3 of IACA`s Excellence In Currency Award in the category of Best Banknote Processing Innovation in the world; the other two organisations are the European Central Bank and the winner Bank of Canada.


If you would like to find out more about Taxidia and how it can benefit your organisation, please get in touch.

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Travelex Develops World’s First Single and Strapped Note Processor. Read more.



Jens Seidl, Director of Wholesale Banknotes at Travelex will be presenting at ICCOS AMERICAS in Texas on the 7th December 2015.
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Travelex and GCS have partnered together to invest resources, capital and technology to create a unique, innovative solution with scalable flexibility that can adapt to the needs of our partners. The result being a game changer in the industry.

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